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My daughter bought a “my intent” bracelet at one of the craft shows I went to in 2019. She loved it and so did I. My Intent is a company that focuses on positive reinforcement bracelets. I liked the concept so much I bought a kit. Below is the kit which includes letter stamps, hammer, and metal stamping base.

To help people determine their word, the intent kit also comes with 33 questions. There website also has other helpful hints to find an inspirational word for someone.

I also bought some of the tokens to stamp on. I like the tokens (silver, gold, because they have a bit of weight to them. The only thing I don’t like is on the back it has the my intent stamped on the back, but it’s a way to show they are official my intent tokens. The last picture is other “tokens” I’ve used with my pieces (silver and copper).

So using my kit and the tokens you can see it’s not error free I definitely struggled at first. (I gotta remember to read the instructions.) Plus the my intent tokens takes a lot more effort.

Here are some of my successful pieces. Obviously I had to add glass to them. Plus I put words on front and back depending on the token. I really like these pieces. I don’t know about you but I struggle with my thoughts sometimes and I need reminders to take the time to breathe and that it’s my choice on how I respond to toxic people.

These are the bracelets I wear; one says you are enough on the front and choose. The other one says survive. One is a my intent token and the other is a copper token. BTW I made the cords (with 1 or 2 sliding knots).

I really like these pieces and I’m curious what y’all think of them.

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