Fused Glass Cremation Jewelry

A few years ago a good friend of mine asked me if I could fused someone’s ashes in glass. A childhood friend of hers had died and she wanted to create a memorial piece to keep him close. It was my first time creating such a special piece of glass.   She and I designed the piece together. She says every time she looks at it she thinks of her friend. 


front of ash





This is the back, the heart is filled with the ashes. I can do most shapes but I like the heart, so many different meanings.

back of ash pendant






Not only did I create a fused glass cremation piece for my friend, I liked it so much I created one for myself. You see my Uncle, who I loved dearly, had passed away a few years ago and I asked my aunt for some of his ashes. My Uncle was such a wonderful person and I just enjoyed being around him.  Here is the front. He was very religious and he had his hat with him all the time. I wanted it simple and I wanted it to hang so I put the ring on so I hang it on a display stand.

Fused Glass Ash
Fused Glass Cremation (front)












Here is the back.  Glass doesn’t always respond well and in this case it caused a big bubble but I think it’s fitting and that way I can see the ashes inside.

Fused Glass Ash (back)
Fused Glass Cremation (back)









More recently my sister asked me to make a couple of fused glass cremation remembrance pieces for a dear friend of hers that passed away.  I can make them where you can see the ashes in front or back or not see the ashes at all. These are the three fused glass memory pieces I made for her.

You can see I put decals on the front. She wanted them relatively simple so I put a cross on the large trapezoid pendant, made the small trapezoid piece from dichroic (you can see a little of the bump), and the tear drop I put a butterfly.

Fused Glass Ash (front)
Fused Glass Cremation (front)










I used heart shapes again, as you can see one looks great and the other isn’t quite as shapely. You never know how the glass will respond to the ashes. The tear drop I put the ashes inside so you can’t see them (very well) but you know they are there.

Fused Glass Cremation (back)
Fused Glass Cremation (back)










It’s always an honor for me to make special fused glass remembrance pieces for people. Glass is a wonderful medium and a great way to keep someone that you love, who has passed, close to you.

If you would like a me to create a Fused Glass Cremation Remembrance piece for you please contact me (elegantfusedglass@gmail.com)

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  1. Oh, very interesting! You could personalize cremation jewelry. I’m planning to make one for mom’s urn and put it in the pendant. I wanted to make this for my mom and have shared it with my siblings.

    • Paul,
      Those are nice. These are custom made based on the person’s needs. If you’d like to have one made please let me know.


  2. Thank you for the information. Now I’m having more ideas for my mom’s glass cremation jewelry. I know she will like it. We can bring it where ever we go.

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