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In January, I challenged my Fused Glass newsletter followers to submit their ideas for my DYK (Did you Know) section of my newsletter for a free fused glass pendant. One of my customers recommended a Fused Glass essential oil diffuser pendant. The recommendation wasn’t strong enough for me too write a DYK article but definitely good enough for a blog. So, Yes she will still get a fused glass pendant for her recommendation.

After much research I haven’t found a good way to make a fused glass one  yet, albeit I haven’t given up. However, I did find some reasonably priced metal ones of course they are relatively plain, so I thought why not do some cold fusion – basically adhering glass to the metal with epoxy. So I made tiny dichroic pebbles and glued them on to the metal diffuser pendants.

basic diffuser pendant
basic diffuser pendant
inside of diffuser pendant
inside of diffuser pendant







I like my fused glass cold fusion diffuser pendants so much I am going to keep one. Of course I like them all so I’m not sure which one I’ll keep.

unknown unknown1






A little background these pendant diffusers are for essential oils, they allow Fragrance Aroma therapy while on the go. Aroma therapy pendants are a fabulous way to enjoy essential oil scents without touching your skin. The other thing to remember is they don’t have to be pendants they can be used as key chains or as displays.

IMG_4695 IMG_4697






I’m not sure if I will continue this line, but I am sending several little fused glass pebbles to a wonderful customer that does sell the essential oil diffusers. She liked the idea of taking the metal diffusers to a higher level.







As I always say, everything looks better with fused glass and these diffuser pendants are no exception. If you’d like fused glass pebbles to add to something you have, let me know! If you would like one of my fused glass pebbled diffuser pendants let me know

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