Yes, I ship Fused Glass internationally

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This isn’t the Pendant that was ordered but I thought it would be fun for my International Shipping picture!









I thought I’d write a blog about a request I received just last week, Yes I do ship Fused Glass internationally.

I received a question through my site last week asking if I would ship a fused glass pendant to England. The answer is yes, the only issue is the cost of shipping.

For a pendant it was $13 to ship to England (actually when I went to mail it the cost was much less). A few months ago I shipped two pairs of earrings to Canada for $7. That doesn’t seem like a lot albeit when you consider I ship here in the US for around $3-5 depending on where and how heavy the fused glass is. Bottom-line, if you don’t mind paying the shipping I don’t mind taking the extra steps to ship my fused glass to you whether you are in Canada, England, Germany, Japan, etc.

If you’d like to price the shipping for a pendant it’s about 8-10 ounces so if you’d like you can go to to calculate the price. Just as an example for “First-Class Package International Service(tm)” for a 9 ounce package is $13.41 to Japan, France, or Germany.

If you are willing to pay the shipping cost then you can either email me requesting me to ship it to a foreign address and I can either change the cost on the site to incorporate the shipping charges or I can send you a paypal request for the entire amount (i.e., the fused glass piece plus the shipping *calculated on the site above) or you can send me a paypal payment for the entire amount. It’s really that simple.

Why am I willing to ship my fused glass internationally?

Several reasons but the top 3 are:

1. I lived overseas for over half my Air Force career and nothing vexed me more than a store not willing to ship to an APO address.

NOTE: Of course I ship to APO addresses and for the exact same costs as I ship to the states! You don’t have to do anything but put your address in the site.

2. I order items from the UK and I wouldn’t want them to tell me they won’t ship to me.

3. Why not, what a compliment to me and my Fused Glass that someone from another country likes my artwork enough to pay extra shipping!

Remember, if you have any questions whether it’s about shipping internationally or custom fused glass, please email me at or through the contact section of any of my four sites,, Etsy, and Art Fire

BTW yes, if you find a fused glass piece on my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen website, another one on my ETSY site, and another one on my Fused Elegance site I will combine the shipment and payment. All you have to do is contact me and I’ll either create a custom “product” incorporating all your items or we can do it the paypal method above.

I hope that answered some of your burning questions.

Keeping my Kiln Warm,


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