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When I am at a craft fair I always walk around and buy something from a fellow artist. I do this for a couple of reasons; 1st I love all kinds of art, 2nd I like to practice what I preach – buy art from real artist not mass produced, 3rd there is so many amazing artists out there who truly amaze me.

While I was at the Woodland Park Craft Fair, I really struggled because there was so many artists. One of the amazing artists I met was a mother and daughter, they were both painters and I was just in awe because the mom (sorry I can’t remember her name) had saws and cup hangers.

Both Sky (my daughter) and I fell in love and we agreed on the wolves, isn’t it fabulous. I haven’t figured out where I’m going to hang it but I just love wolves and it has an eagle too. She hand painted all these and built it in addition to painting it.

Another amazing Artist and so very friendly was Ken. He was right a cross from us and was wonderful to both my daughter and me. He hand makes each one of these incredible pieces out of copper then patina’s it. Check out the door, it was truly fantastic.

Ken was so wonderful and funny. He had Sky and I dancing and laughing the entire weekend. I just loved how great he was. Sky liked him so much she bought one of his pieces. I’m so proud of her recognizing how important it is to buy from artist. Every show I offer to buy something for her from one of the artists and she has great taste and always chooses something special.

He was also quite an artist. He drew Sky some pencil drawings and even drew me one too.

What a wonderful weekend. I hope reading this post will encourage y’all to go to Art and Craft shows and spend time really talking with artists. Please remember, most of us don’t make a profit, it’s about loving our art and loving sharing our art with others.

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