Woodland Park Art Show

This past weekend I had my first official Art show of the season. It was in Woodland Park, Colorado. It was their 37th year; I love this show, so many great vendors and such a beautiful place. It was a Saturday and Sunday; the second picture is of Pikes Peak and the third picture is of Pike’s Peak and check out those rays! I’d never seen that before, purple mountains majesty! I so love Colorado.

Setting up the tent was fun – NOT! First it was threating to rain, second you may not know this but it’s so much work to set up, and third my amazing husband and I are not spring chickens anymore. You can tell we got tired because we didn’t finish setting out everything, we just setup half and then zipped her up. Check out our little visitor when we were putting up the tent, I took a couple of seconds to take some pictures.

Here is my booth all set up. It’s so much work but I love sharing my love of glass with people. I had so many good friends and customers come by to see me; y’all just don’t know what it means to me. BTW the last picture is when my daughter was with me, this was the first year she wasn’t with me. She’s up in Denver and I’m so happy for her, but I miss her so very much.

Something else y’all may not know is when you buy an art piece from an artist it means so very much to us. Here are two of my fused glass aspens that these wonderful new friends bought. Thank you to them and to all of the other fabulous people who purchased my fused glass art that I didn’t take pictures of and thank you to my guests who just listened to me talk about glass. The 3rd picture is one of my fused glass pieces in its forever home, thank you Ramona.

I also wanted to congratulations Tammy (I sent her an email) for winning the $25 of free fused glass. Thank you, Tammy and all of the special people who signed, up for my newsletter. Tammy, please let me know what you’d like as your prize. Here are some more pictures of the beautiful art show early Sunday morning.

If you would like to see more of my fused glass work, please refer to my website Elegant Fused Glass by Karen. If you get a chance, check out all my site and my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen YouTube. If you would like to stay abreast of what I’m up-to and learn a little more about jewelry, check out our newsletter. It is published the last day of each month.

Keeping my kilns warm,


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