Wolves in Colorado

I love animals and I’ve always been amazed by wolves, foxes, and coyotes. It saddens me to say there aren’t wild wolves in Colorado but there are two sanctuaries for wolves relatively close to me. This month my husband and I went to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide Colorado. The 3 pictures below are from their website.

The tour was nice, albeit they seemed to rush us a bit. The enclosures were nice and big but, I was shocked at how the wolf population in the United States has dwindled so much. These are such beautiful animals. They have 16 wolves, most are paired up.

In addition to wolves they also have foxes. The first fox is inside because he is from a warmer climate. He was also a pet. The next one is a swift fox and he has a partner, they were so cute and very active. The 3rd kind of foxes were red foxes. Such beautiful animals.

They also had a couple of coyotes. I’ve actually see a few coyotes in the wild in Colorado as well as foxes. Let’s hope we don’t wipe them out like we did the wolves.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was our wolf encounter. Because I like wolves so much I paid to go in and pet them. Here are some of our pictures from the encounter. First the one I’m petting was so soft, her coat was so thick. BTW the kiss, did not stink at all. The white wolf was very shy, and didn’t let us pet him. What a wonderful experience.

BTW they are very particular about what you wear into the enclosure, including shoes so I wore my combat boots and had to hide my necklace. Notice my fused glass pendant is a dichroic wolf.

If you have an opportunity to support the reintroduction of wolves into Colorado I hope you support it. BTW in case you were wondering, besides the fact that I love wolves my husband and I are trying to do more fun and adventurous activities this year. I hope y’all don’t mind me sharing these activities with you. The picture below is of pikes peak and garden of the gods. I never get tired of seeing this view every day.

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