Wire Wrapped Fused Glass

Wire Wrapped Fused Glass
Wire Wrapped Fused Glass








So after rereading Innovations adornments I thought I’d show you some of the wire wrapped fused glass pendants that I’ve made. The one in the middle was inspired by one in the book, albeit I modified it a little bit.

There are several great aspects regarding wire wrapping fused glass pendants. One is the you have a choice in the type of wire used i.e., sterling silver, copper, gunmetal or colored wire. You can also make the bail larger so it can fit on various sizes of necklaces. All the ones pictured are wrapped in Sterling Silver wire and as you can see the bails are larger and can fit on any type of necklace.

I’m interested in knowing what type of wire you would like to see on the wire wrapped fused glass pendants, so feel free to let me know.

Keeping my kiln warm.



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