Winner of the Fused Elegance / Elegant Fused Glass Drawing from the Craft Expo

For those who follow my Fused Glass blog and receive my Elegant Fused Glass Newsletter know that I participated in the Craft Expo event this past weekend. It was a small event but I had some great friends stop by and visited me and enjoyed their Newsletter discount. I also enjoyed the music by Mike and got to meet some fabulous people. It amazes me how many amazing men and women are out there and so giving in their knowledge and art.

Thank you to all of those who visited my site. As always I conducted a drawing for $25 of free fused glass from any of my sites: Elegant Fused Glass by Karen, Fused Elegance Glass Jewelry, Etsy, and Artfire. So I’m sure you are all wondering who won?

Speaking of wonderful people I had numerous people sign up for my Fused Glass Drawing and the lucky winner was …..Kathryn
Congratulations …. Kathryn!

You WON our Fused Elegance/Elegant Fused Glass Drawing from the Craft Expo event!
Feel free to look over any/all of my sites, Fused Glass by Karen, My Etsy store, my Art fire Store,  and my YouTube Channel and chose up-to $25 of Fused Glass then email me with your fused glass item(s).

If you saw a Fused Glass item at the Craft Expo that’s not on my site please let me know. Also if there was a more expensive fused glass piece that you like you can take the $25 off that instead.

Let me know if you have any questions. BTW this will information was also Emailed to Kathryn.

Stay tuned to my site or newsletter for my next show!.

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