Winner of Holly Berry Fused Glass prize!

When I participate in a Art Show I always do a drawing for $25 worth of free fused glass. Well this past weekend I participated in the Holly Berry Arts Festival at the Rock ledge ranch in Manitou Springs. It’s a fabulous location and I just love showing my fused glass there.  Anyway, I had several people sign up for my fused glass newsletter and enter my drawing.







The Winner was Janet! I’ve sent her a separate email. Congratulations Janet, let me know what you would like as your prize!

I thought I’d like to also thank my 2 amazing helpers. Most of you know my beautiful daughter Madisen, but with Madi going off to college and not always being able to help out I ask Issy, my good friend’s daughter.  Madi and I have known Issy since she was little and now she has grown up to be a beautiful, intelligent, and extremely capable young lady.  Please understand these two young ladies do a lot of work from setting up, to ringing up, to explaining my fused glass, and tearing down. I couldn’t possibly do it without their help.






If you come to one of my shows you will definitely meet one or both of them!

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