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As most of you know I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Last month I wrote a blog about the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide Colorado, well this month I want to write about the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Denver. Wow what a place! They had so many beautiful animals including Lions, Tigers, and Bears – Oh my!

We took the back way up from Colorado Springs, what a lovely drive. We just expected to spend an hour or two, well 4 hrs later… Did I mention how amazing the Wild Life Sanctuary is? We just loved it.

I enjoyed the 20 minute video and the walk out to the Tiger round-house (which is a primary staging area for newly-rescued Tigers that need rehabilitation). I loved the mile and a half walkway because it’s raised above the animals and provides amazing views of more than 500 lions, tigers, bears, wolves, etc.

My favorite, it’s funny I was about to say the bears, then I remembered the tigers, and then I remembered that as I was looking through the binoculars and I literally watch a lion roar. Yep they are all fantastic to watch.

Of course just like with the wolfs I wore a fused glass bear pendant (the pink snap. I just love bears. I also made the one on the right recently and thought it deserved to be seen.

If you get a chance and you want to see these fabulous animals I highly recommend the Wild life sanctuary in Keenesburg Colorado. Remember all of these incredible animals were rescued and the majority of the people taking care of them are volunteers! I also recommend bringing good binoculars, it’s over 10000 acres!

This big grizzly just loved the water. He was so playful!

On a side note my husband and I are trying to get out of our routine by doing something fun every month. In April we did the wolf and wild life sanctuary because we missed March. What will May bring? You’ll have to wait for another blog! I hope you don’t mind me sharing our adventures with you.

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