Which Fused Glass Dish is your Favorite?

Last month I mentioned that Sharon from Tulip asked me to make some fused glass soap dishes. We’ll I went a bit crazy and made quite a few more. Remember these are not just soap dishes they can be used as spoon-rests and trinket dishes to name a few uses.

However, I have a question – which of these is your favorite technique?

This first technique has little fused glass dots fused into the dish. Three of the fused glass dishes have the dots fused in deep but you can still feel them, the transparent blue dots are more prominent. The lilac and blue are opaque and I sandblasted them then fired them again so they have a beautiful satin finish. The blue and red are transparent. I just love these fused glass dishes (especially the bottom one – the glass is incredible).

For the following three fused glass dishes, the technique has the texture fused on the back and of course are transparent. They are really beautiful and I love dragonflies and butterflies. BTW the clear one is luminescent and is so much prettier than this picture shows.

For the following two fused glass dishes, the technique is the same as above the the form is different. I really like these and I’m thinking about making little fused glass candle shields.

So for these fused glass dishes I put the texture on top and of course they are opaque. The one on the right is luminescent and is prettier than the picture shows.

The two fused glass dishes below are transparent but I put the texture on top. The red one really shows up well, the one one the right doesn’t show up as much because of the design of the glass.

I also made plan dishes the one on the left is transparent and the right is opaque.

So which technique is your favorite and besides soap dishes what else can they be used for?

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