Which Fused Glass Bowl Did They Choose?

In January and February. I blogged about one of my fabulous customers who bought one of my handcrafted fused glass aspens and broke it. I’ve always told my customers if they break a fused glass piece that they buy from me to bring me the pieces and I’ll make them something from the remains. Well she took me up on my offer and I made 2 fused glass bowls for her to pick from.

Fused Glass bowls
Back of the bowls
Fused Glass Bowls
Front of the Bowls











*BTW aren’t their smiles awesome!! Such amazing women!!
A little explanation, ever since I start selling my fused glass artwork I have made this offer to my customers. I don’t charge for the remake, even though I typically add a little bit of glass. One thing I do try to do is if the piece is big enough I make two pieces; as I did for these lovely ladies.  Two reasons, first and foremost I like to give my customers a choice.  Second if I make an extra piece that I can sell to someone else and it helps to offset the cost of remaking and refiring the new piece. For example both of these bowls were at least 2-3 firings.
Just a quick side note, I thought all fused glass artists did this for their customers, but according to my fused glass facebook groups there aren’t a lot of artists that do this so don’t assume they will do this for you. In fact, most were like heck no especially big pieces. because it’s so much work. As I’ve said before I like doing refusing pieces for my customers, because I hate for someone to spend money on a big piece and then have it ruined. Plus I learn from every fused glass piece I make and I learn even more from trying to create something from the ashes so to speak.

For example with these two pieces I love the first bowl because you can still see the aspens, which I think is cool. That being said I love the second bowl because it looks nothing like the aspens.

screenmelt 2
Fused Glass Bowls










Anyway I digress, so which fused glass bowl do you think my ladies selected?

If you said both you’d be right.

I can’t tell you how great that made me feel. To know they liked them both fused glass bowls enough to buy one.

And this is the reason why I offer this service, I love making people happy.

Thank you ladies I appreciate the opportunity to make the bowls for you.

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Keeping my kiln warm,

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