What a busy fused glass Week

Want to know why I didn’t blog on Wednesday.  It’s because I just finished working between 12-14 hour days for the last 12 days. It was a crazy and a lot of hard work but I love my day job.

Even with those crazy hours I was able to finish a commercial order of 100 fused glass soap dishes, a fused glass poker guard, fused glass cuff links, and working on fused glass night lights, nail files, and some custom fused glass pendants.


poker guard
custom fused glass poker guard
cuff links
Custom fused glass cuff links
Custom Fused Glass Pendant
Custom Fused Glass Pendant
Custom fused glass pendants
Custom fused glass pendants











I also made some cool fused glass dishes.


IMG_6165 IMG_6166








Keeping my kiln warm,


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