Wet Belt Sander for fused glass

When I was at Bob Leatherborrow’s workshop in Canada earlier this year I had the opportunity to use a wet-belt sander. I must say I loved using it for the edges of bowls and plates. Bob gave us some pointers to make it even easier so I really wanted one. A couple months ago when my friend Paul retired, he offered me his for a good price, so needless to say I jumped at the chance. Of course I need to get a pump and have the plug added, but not too difficult (I hired an electrician).

fused glass
my wetbelt sander







My amazing husband moved it to place and I got to use it the other day. I really love it. It puts a lot of water out the front but none out the back. I do where hearing protection and eye protection. I like this wet-belt sander because I can rest a big piece of glass   Very easy and it really is great for bowls and plates.







Here are two pieces I used my wet belt sander on. I had fired them but there was some bumps I didn’t like so I cut them off then finished it off with the wet-belt sander to make the edges really smooth. Normally I’d fire it again “fire polish” to smooth the edges after coldworking and before slumping. However, after using the wet-belt I just slumped them.

They look amazing. Yes I love my wet-belt sander.

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