Westcliffe – Fall or Winter

We went to Westcliffe this weekend, I wanted to share some of our trip in this post. I so love it when there is snow on the Sangre De Cristo mountains,

It’s funny we have a bit of a routine when we go to Westcliffe but we also try to do something different. This time we took a road we’d never been on because I saw some fall colors and I wanted to get closer. I know you can tell but the trees have beautiful colors. It was so beautiful! Plus I love seeing old buildings. We drove quite a ways up but not all the way.

We also went to a friend’s house and had a delicious dinner and wonderful conversation. As you can see Dan made a new friend. In fact, Oxford took my seat when I got up. One thing we do every time is to go to the bakery, they make the best muffins!

The next morning I got up and went to the bluff and watched the sunrise. It was spectacular, the pinks and purples colors were extraordinary. Some of the pictures are from the inn and some are from the bluff.

We loved the trip so much on Saturday we went back up and went all the way up to the rainbow trail, sadly we weren’t dressed properly to go for a hike. Then we took different road and ended up behind the trees from Friday. It was so beautiful I just wish the pictures showed the colors. I love how blue the sky was and the white snow. What an amazing day.

I’m a stalker on the Westcliffe Facebook pages and came across this fabulous post about these two old houses. There was a fabulous thread about them. Evidently they were part of the red light district. One of the posts was from a writer who is going to do a book and include them, the other was of a painter who was going to do a painting of them. They are such small houses but evidently there were 1 or 2 prostitutes. The houses were built in 1899. That’s what I love about Westcliffe, every street has something unique.

I love Westcliffe, I hope y’all don’t mind me sharing all my little adventures in Westcliffe. I can’t wait to spend more time there.

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