Westcliffe, Colorado

I’m so excited, it’s official we will be closing on 5 acres of land in Westcliffe, Colorado at the end of next month. Here are some pictures of the land. Isn’t the view stunning?

Right now we live in Colorado Springs, however it’s getting so crowded and the crime. it’s just not where we want to retire. We looked in Delta, on the Western Slope, but the prices were just too high.

I have two friends that have retirement homes there and they go down several times a month. So my husband and I went down on Sat (Feb 8th) and just fell in love with the town and the beautiful views. Here are some views of the pass to take to get Westcliffe.

The town is tiny but the people are so friendly. We went into a pottery gallery and Angie solidified our decision about Westcliffe. She proceeded to tell us about all the activities and said we could stay as busy or bored as we wanted. Here are some shots from around town.

We came home and my husband started looking for properties with the views of the Sandes de Crisco mountains. We set up a meeting with a realtor and booked a hotel room.

It was so great seeing my friends. Gina and I’ve known each other for almost 15 years. I love their land, beautiful view.

Gina is also an artist, this is a painting she did and then gave it to me. Isn’t it beautiful? I gave her a fused glass nightlight with a peacock. I love her artwork, especially the colors.

BTW did I mention Westcliffe is a very artsy town? On our first trip there we stopped by a potter’s gallery. It was incredible. I bought two pieces, incredible artwork. This was just one gallery.

I’m so excited, sadly we won’t be building or moving until I retire in 6-7 years but I’m so very happy. I’m sure I’ll be talking more about Westcliffe as time goes on.

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  1. Your views are stunning works of God’s great artistry just like yours. Will you be building a ranch style home with no steps for your retirement?

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