Westcliffe, CO

It’s that time again. I never get tired of visiting Westcliffe and I love writing about it and showing off our activities. As I’ve mentioned we always try to do something new. This month’s is no different. First we did our normal i.e., the best bakery in the world and the bluff park. I so love the park, we go there a few times each visit. We always see deer (2 momma’s and their babies), plus I love the flowers.

Then we walked around town and saw the depot. BTW they even had old glass insulators! Aren’t they fantastic! I so love the little town. It’s so special!

I also went into one of the little galleries. They had some great pottery pieces. In fact if I wasn’t creating glass I’d do pottery. I bought these two pieces for my bathroom, I love purple! Also aren’t the mushrooms great, I love the shapes.

We also visited the Jail. I didn’t even know there was a jail. It’s been there since 1888. It was so interesting. Look at how thick the door is and how the beds fold up, plus the building itself!

We also drove around saw some flowers and deer, I never get tired of the flowers, mountains and animals. The first picture is a picture of our land from the hill across way. What a beautiful area! On the way back over the mountains we saw wild turkey.

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do in Westcliffe is to watch the sunset. My good friend sends pictures all the time but it’s not the same as seeing it in person. It was kind of funny we were driving around and I’m like I really want to find a good view of the sunset so we kept driving and it’s starting to set and low and behold we ended up at our property and this is our view. I can’t wait until we move there and we can sit on our back porch and see this amazing view every night. Isn’t it amazing, these pictures don’t even come close. It was like the sky was on fire!!

We try to stay in different places, our favorite is the LampPost Inn. I like the common area, it’s so welcoming. We also set out in the yard, drank wine, and looked at the stars. They were so beautiful, sadly my iphone isn’t doesn’t come close to capturing the beauty of the Westcliffe stars. When we move there we’re going to get a telescope. I’ve also included some pictures of the view from the Inn.

BTW on our way home we stopped by the river in Florence. Beautiful place for a nice walk.

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