Westcliffe, CO

For those who follow my posts you know I love Westcliffe Colorado. We try to go there at least every 4 to 6 weeks. We went this past weekend. Below are some pictures from our visit. The picture on the left is the main street and the one on the right is the place we stay. It’s very comfortable and we like the people that run it.

When we get there we always drive around, other than our properties below is one of the places we love to stop. Its a rock grouping and the views are amazing. It’s so beautiful!

Then of course we go to our property, set up our chairs and have lunch. This time we had wine. We also got sunburned! It was such a great day. The happiness and joy I feel when we’re there is such an amazing feeling!

We have two properties the one above and the one below. Both have magnificent views. I just love visiting them, I know it seems silly but I just love being there and looking at them.

On the way back from dinner we drove up to the properties and drove back a different way. What a great road and such an stunning sunset. I especially liked the old house.

As we were driving around town we saw these turkey vultures sunning themselves. There were like 6 of them, they were so very cool.

This trip was especially great because we met Bill and Jean and went up to their property. We talked for hours and enjoyed the view from their property.

When we left Westcliffe we headed toward Canon City and again the views were fabulous.

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  1. Linda Lorenz says:

    Your land is gorgeous!

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