Visiting Delta and Ridgway

Over the 4th of July we went to visit Dan’s Family in Delta Colorado. It was a long drive but they are very worth it. As we were driving to Delta through Montrose I saw a sign for the Black Canon and I told Dan I’ve never been there and wanted to go. So Dan, his parents, and I drove up and around the park and had a wonderful time. Please know this as you are looking at the pictures, they don’t do it justice! Black Canon is spectacular and extremely scary for someone who is a big chicken and scared of heights.

We also went by the lake in Delta. It’s really something else, the city put a lot of work into it. There’s canals on both sides, a bridge, path, benches, and so much more. That’s Grand Mesa in the background.

Another day we drove up to Ridgeway. Ridgeway was amazing!! We came across this great museum. The railway portion was open and we got a tour from Carl. Carl was a railway worker for 20 years then when he retired he built this museum. It was extraordinary, I especially liked the Buick rail car, he explained all about it. The bottom row of pictures are from the True Grit cafe, I am a huge John Wayne fan!! Fascinating memorabilia and great food to boot. You may not know this but True Grit was partially filmed in Ridgeway Colorado. So guess what we watched since our trip to Ridgeway? That’s right True Grit, my goodness what a great movie, and we saw this prison wagon in the movie and also the mountains – so cool!! Yes – I’m a geek!

We also got to see family and as luck would have it, it was Nanci’s birthday and as you can see Jaymie’s about to have a beautiful baby girl. It’s always so great visiting Delta and Dan’s Family.

Not to single Dad out but I can’t help myself. Dad is a multi-talented man, he’s an artist (his new little studio for painting), he is rebuilding these trucks (one he rebuilt won 1st place), he’s done woodworking (he built this barn door and used different parts to make it roll & hang), he loves his little dog, he is a big 2nd amendment supporter (check out this tiny gun – it’s over 50 years old) and he’s very thoughtful. He found these two bottles from the 1920’s and saved them for me. Thank you Dad, I love you very much.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing our 4th of July family visit with you.

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