Trip to Rhode Island

I thought I’d post some pictures from my latest business trip to Rhode Island. I’m sure you will wonder why what does it have to do with glass?  Well I’ll tell you, we stayed at the Marriott in Newport, Rhode Island and as soon as I walked in there was an amazing chandler. It was recycled glass, it was decanters with the bottoms cut off and light bulbs threaded through each bottle. I don’t know if you can see how truly beautiful it is. Some of the decanters were sandblasted and others are left clear. There were at least two of the decanter chandlers that I came across. The mix of sandblasted and clear and the texture was great.






This Marriott had a lot of beautiful glass. They had 4 more light fixtures, they were all blown glass. Three were similar just different displays.  It’s funny when I see glass I quickly figure out how they made them. I’ve blown glass and seen it done. These may be just clear glass but I like the displays.






This one was in my room. Again blown glass wrapped with rope.






These look like normal light bulbs but in actuality they are textured bulbs.






After Newport we went up to Boston to fly out and went to Cheers. It’s been years but it’s shocking how much I remembered from the old show. We walked through a beautiful park.  We had a good time in the bar, it’s been years since I did went to a bar but it was fun.





I love hotels and restaurants that show off glass. I kept walking around the hotel just looking at all the beautiful glass.

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