Trip to Montgomery

For those of you who follow my newsletter, you know I go TDY (Temporary Duty) a lot. I just got back from a TDY to Maxwell AFB, in Montgomery Alabama.  I’ve been to Montgomery several times, this time we stayed down town close to the Alabama river.












One thing I like about the hotel we stayed at, is this one had a lot of glass artwork as well. This time, it’s mosaic. It’s kind of interesting since I’ve taken two mosaic classes I understand how much work goes in to each piece.  These 4 pieces are pretty big, I liked how they included mirror to add depth to the pieces. They are also dimensional, I’m not sure if you can tell but they are very fancy!












These pieces are beautiful as well, they have a picture then the mosaic is laid to the side and extends the picture.  I think they are pretty amazing.







But my favorite was the big one. It’s huge and look at the detail, truly amazing. Imagine the time it took to make this beautiful piece. I could have stared at it all day!






Of course the hotel had more than just glass artwork, they had a lot of mixed media pieces as well.











Isn’t it funny how you can find beautiful artwork in nice hotels.  When I go TDY it’s the first thing I typically look for glass and if they don’t have much glass I look for other artwork.  To me it’s a win all the way around, for the hotel, for the artist, and for the visitors who get to see the artwork.

When I got home, my husband said wow can’t you at least come in before looking at your glass? I’m like nope. Yep I love glass it makes me so happy, can’t you tell?

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