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For those who follow me know I travel a bit with my job. I’ve been to Rhode Island, Germany, London, and Alabama numerous times.  Sadly there isn’t a lot of glass opportunities when I visit Alabama, but there is so much history near Montgomery; Rosa Parks, civil rights movement, etc. As you may know I’m retired Air Force. So during this trip one of the things I got to do was visit the Tuskegee Museum.  Below is a picture of the back of one of my T-shirts I got when I was deployed to Iraq 10 years ago. Kind of ironic huh.

The Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site at Moton Field in Tuskegee Alabama was wonderful. To me this was the beginning of the civil rights movement and these amazing people were so brave and showed the world that the color of someone’s skin has nothing to do with their capabilities and intelligence! I loved the hanger and the tower and that they had these amazing videos with the Airmen. Below are some pictures of the hanger and the surrounding buildings.

I also liked how they talked not just about the pilots but also the mechanics and nurses. If you are ever in that area of Alabama I highly recommend it. Below are some pictures from inside of the museum. What an interesting and educational museum.

I also went up into the tower, not a lot of pictures up there but I did like looking out the window and around the area. Below are some pictures from inside the tower looking out and the entry display. If you look closely this is an active runway and there are some planes out on the apron.

Originally we got a bit lost and ended up at another field the Tuskegee airmen used. We also went to the Tuskegee University. What a beautiful historic campus. Sorry but I didn’t take any pictures but I did enjoy our ride around the campus.

In addition to our trip to Tuskegee we also went to Prattville. I like the historic area because of the Pratt Cotton Gin Mill. Next time I want to figure out how to walk on the water way. Below are some pictures of the cotton gin mill and the surrounding buildings.

I also like the entire downtown area, the little ice cream shop was great. I like the entire downtown area there’s a museum (I went there on another trip) and the shops. I’m a small town girl and it reminds me of my home town of St. Cloud Florida. This time I went to the bridge too. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m from Florida and we grew up around water e.g., canals, lakes, and of course the ocean; but I love water.

I hope y’all don’t mind me talking about my trips. I like traveling and I love visiting interesting places even when I go on business trips. If you are from Alabama and have an interesting place for me to visit around Montgomery feel free to let me know.

BTW I’m sure you are curious did I do any glass while I was in Alabama. The answer is yes. I finished over 100 snaps (tiny, med, & large). I’ll try to do a blog about my finished pieces because I finished over 50 pendants when I was in my channel class. I also watch 3 glass videos. I just have a difficult time not thinking or doing or watching glass! Yep my name is Karen and I’m addicted to glass.

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