Took my Bestie to Festivitea Tea Shop

Last month I mentioned that my good friend Jax and I went to the tea shop that is going to have a few of my fused glass tea bag dishes & stirrers. Well, I loved it so much I took my best friend there for tea. Lela and I’ve been friends for years and years do a lot together, albeit this time I just wanted to give her a treat for always being there when I need her and for being one of the kindest, giving, and intelligent women I know. I believe in telling my how much I love them so, Lela, I love you, my friend. (I wish you’d let me post pictures of your beautiful face!) Anyway, I scheduled high tea at We each had a pot of tea and all kinds of treats and spent time catching up and eating the delicious treats.

I also want to give a shout out to the Owner of FestiviTea, Margo. First, did you know she is an Air Force Veteran like Lela and me? Yep, she joined when she was 17. After tea the 3 of us set and talked for an hour or so. Margo is a talented and capable lady. It’s so rare to find someone that you instantly connect with. Lela and I both connected with Margo so quickly and enjoyed our conversation immensely. Second, I love supporting local businesses, especially women owned businesses!! She has all kinds of activities in her shop as well so checkout her Facebook page. As for me, I cannot wait to go back to this lovely little shop.

Here are some of the fused glass tea dishes and stirrers Margo will have in her little shop. Please stop by and check them out.

Please take a break and enjoy some tea with your bestie at Margo’s FestiviTea shop; I did twice with two of my good Friends Lela and Jax, what an uplifting way to spend time with strong, intelligent, wonderful women!!

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Keeping my kilns warm,



  1. Miss you Karen! Jenny had her baby, little Walker is sweetest baby ever! Hope your enjoying your new job.

    • Hi Linda, I miss you too. Tell Jenny Congratulations, I’m sure she’s happy as can be with her new baby.
      I LOVE my new job, it’s wonderful and I work with amazing people. Hope to see you at Rampart Arts & Craft Show.

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