Time in Westcliffe

We went to Westcliffe in January and February. We had such a wonderful time on both trips. In January we went looking for Elk along the Sangre de Cristo mountains and up in the wet mountains. We spent all day driving around looking at the beauty that is the Wet Mountain Valley. We didn’t see any Elk but it was so beautiful and we did see some donkeys and deer.

The next day as we were driving into town we say deer, then elk, and then we saw an entire herd of prong horn. It was so amazing; we love animals and it makes us happy seeing them.

In February it was our last time in the cabin, which is sad because it’s such an adorable cabin. But I’m happy for my friends.

We drove up by Bishop’s Castle and Lake Isabel. The lake was frozen over which I thought was pretty cool. On the way back to Westcliffe we saw some big horn sheep.

On the way back to Westcliffe we went down a road we had been down before and it was amazing. the views were incredible, there were fabulous rock formations, we saw a huge heard of elk, and we came across this wonderful cabin. This is one of the myriad of things I love about Westcliffe, there are no wrong turns.

After dinner we drove to the park and we looked at the mountains, there were whisps of snow that wen the setting sun caught them they looked like little volcanos erupting. I wish the pictures captured the true beauty of the mountains. Then when we headed home the wet mountains were pink and purple, they were spectacular!!!

Yes, I love Westcliffe and I look forward to when I can call it home.

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