Thinking out side the shape of fused glass

I’m not sure if I mentioned it already, but a couple of months ago I had a customer asked me if I could turn my fused glass green-man into a mantel sconce like my Aspens. Then at my last show I had another customer ask me if I could turn my fused glass tree of life into a mantel sconce. Then last week I had a customer ask if I could make my fused glass aspens smaller to use with a stand. I’ve also changed the colors of my aspens for my customers and can change the colors of my green-man & tree of life.

tree of lifeaspen






Which is why I’m doing this blog. I love customizing my fused glass, whether it’s making large pieces small or small pieces large. Modifying the shape of my fused glass like I did for all of these customers.

In addition, I can change the shape of a round piece like this beautiful fused glass ink blot. It can be a sculpture displayed in a stand or it can be slumped into a bowl shape or it can be slumped into a plate shape. The same goes for a rectangle shaped fused glass, it can be a sculpture, a dish, or a sconce.






So when you look at my beautiful fused glass feel free consider modifying the shape. I will say it’s much easier to change the shape of a flat fused glass piece to a slumped piece, than a slumped piece to a flat piece.  So instead of the old saying “thinking outside the box” – think outside the shape!

Keeping my Kilns warm,



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