The Beauty of Westcliffe

We went to Westcliffe several times this month, and I wanted to post a few pictures of some of our activities. First, I have to show you our beautiful sunrise and of course our hummingbirds. They are so much fun to watch.

It’s been a bit chilly and raining so there aren’t as many flowers as normal, but I did get some pictures of some flowers. Don’t you just love flowers.

I found these amazing flowers, so fiery and brilliant colors! I’ve never seen them before.

We went for a drive, wow, so beautiful and we drove down a side road and found these fabulous cabins. I so wanted to get out and walk around them and take more detailed pictures. I so love seeing old cabins and there are so many in this area, takes you back to way the way it used to be.

We also played a bit with our drone (first two pictures), Dan is still getting used to it. Here is the house and of course the view.

Lastly, we got a trail camera, we get lots of deer in our yard. I never get tired of seeing them. Our neighbors caught a mountain lion on their trail camera. I’m hoping one day we’ll get a mountain lion or a bear on camera and not too close!

I love every second we spend in Westcliffe. I hope I never take its beauty for granted.

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