Tea Shop – Dishes and Stirrers

A dear friend of mine and fellow artist asked me to make some little dishes for a tea shop. We haven’t had a chance to go yet, albeit I do want to show you the pieces I made and see what you think. Here are some of the fused glass dishes I made for the tea shop. I created the screens and then fused each dish, printed them, then slumped the dishes. These can be used for tea bags, spoon rests, or anything you want.

I also made a few fused glass dishes that don’t have tea sayings, but I thought they’d like. What do you think?

Obviously I made some fused glass stirrers for the tea shop as well.

I hope they like them. Which is your favorite? I wonder if they’d like some coffee sayings like the ones below.

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Keeping my kilns warm,



  1. I love the tea plates and their sassy little sayings! Functional and fun at the same time 🫶

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