Symbols in Gold on Fused Glass

Gold Star of David Decal fused on to Purple Dichroic Pendant & Earring set
Gold Star of David Decal fused on to Purple Dichroic Pendant & Earring set
Gold Kanji Decals fused on to light blue Pendant & Earring set
Gold Kanji Decals fused on to light blue Pendant & Earring set
Gold Cross Decal fused on to blue pendant
Gold Cross Decal fused on to blue pendant








In my recent blog I discussed both symbols and decals (including a youtube video) and I thought I’d share a few more.

I have several gold decals (Kanji, Cross, Star of David, etc.).

Kanji is the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese writing system. When I was in Japan we really enjoyed the Japanese calligraphy so I really love these 22k gold,  ultra luster Kanji decals. They are the perfect accent to fused glass jewelry.

The cross is one of the most ancient human symbols, and has been used by many religions, most notably Christianity. Albeit, history shows that the cross was used centuries before Christ. According to my research, the Christian use of the cross did not begin until three centuries after Christ during the time of Constantine. Seen as a representation of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is the best-known religious symbol of Christianity. It is related to the crucifix (a cross that includes a usually three-dimensional representation of Jesus’ body) and to the more general family of cross symbols.

The Star of David, known in Hebrew as the Shield of David is a recognized symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism. The Star of David is a hexagram shape, the compound of two equilateral triangles. The hexagram has been in use as a symbol of Judaism since the 17th century. Records show that hexagrams were used as decorative motifs in synagogues as far back as the 3rd to 4th century. A Shield of David symbol. The sign is based on the shape of David’s shield or the symbol on his shield. Some believe that the six points of the star represents God’s rule over the universe in all directions: north, south, east, west, up and down. Others believe that the two triangles, which point in opposite directions, are symbols of the duality of human nature or the relationship between God and man.

If you have any questions whether I have a symbol in a gold decal please let me know as I have several.  One other bit of good news the gold decals decals show up really well on practically any color so if you see a pendant, earrings, etc., and would like me to fuse a gold decal (cross, kanji, etc please let me know.

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