Steel Blue and Opaline Fused Glass

Bullseye glass is so cool they have a myriad of different types of glass that are very interesting. Two very unique types of bullseye glass I want to show off tonight is steel blue and opaline glass.

I love the steel blue glass because when you fuse clear glass on the steel blue whether it’s stringer, vitrigraph, or frit the steel blue turns blue and where there isn’t any clear it turns a grey or silver. That is if you fire it just right! When I made my samples I liked them so much I wanted to make them into pendants. Of course it also means you have to be careful when you are firing steel blue with other techniques.

My steel blue test pieces
My steel blue test pieces






I liked the steel blue so much I made pretty dish. As you can see some of it is silver and some of it is blue. (This is because of the kiln, I have one corner of my kiln which is a little cooler. What do you think? This piece is more of art piece vs functional because I just wouldn’t recommend eating off of the silver portion.

Steel Blue e Art
Steel Blue Art






The other bullseye glass that I think is pretty fascinating is opaline. It’s got a unique aspect that can change other glass colors. When opaline is used with transparent glasses it has a hazy opalescent version of the original color. But when opaline glass is used dark opal colors it gives a blue effect. This is such an incredible glass I’m still playing with it, the possibilities of this glass are truly amazing. I also liked using the opaline with just iridized clear.



Opaline glass over transparent pink, orange, and blue/red - Test pieces
Opaline glass over transparent pink, orange, and blue/red – Test pieces
Opaline glass over clear and dark blue small trinket dishes
Opaline glass over clear and dark blue small trinket dishes








I love both steel blue and opaline glass so much I combined them into a beautiful and incredible fused glass art piece. Let me know what you think of these two great types of glass.

Steel Blue and Opaline Art
Steel Blue and Opaline Art








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