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All month I’ve been blogging about my fabulous trip to New York to take a fused glass class from Oatka Glass and Amanda and Lance Taylor.  Normally I stay in a hotel, but when I stayed at the fabulous Hedgerow House. Anyway, for this trip me and 2 of my friends (Pam and Julie),  stayed in a house instead of a hotel or B&B. Julie found it on a site for renting houses and the owners were wonderful.  It was very reasonable and very unique.  It’s an old house and had so much character. There was even a pond across the street and a tree house and lots of trails. I liked the drive too, so many beautiful farms!

a unique special room that’s very small











living room
kitchen (this stove is just for looks – the other was a gas stove)










Where I slept! But there were 2 other bedrooms









My favorite part of the house was that it had a record player and a lot of old music including Jackson Browne, Jim Croce, Beatles, and so many others I haven’t listen to in years. So we set around drinking wine and listening to records. We even played Yahtzee – it was a lot of fun!!

Of course the next best thing was we ate out only 1 time (Japanese – awesome) the rest of the time we cooked and they taught me how to make guacamole and spaghetti squash! In addition we were able to invite Lance and Amanda over for dinner which was really nice!!  It’s funny one of the places I’m going next year is Santa Cruz so wish me luck finding a reasonable house there!

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It was a great place to stay and Again I think it will change the way I book my trips. I will check to see if there is a house first before a hotel. I can’t remember which one Julie found it on but she also talked about airBNB.

I hope you enjoyed my blogs about my trips to New York and my fused glass class.  I sure enjoyed writing them!

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