Stained Glass Bird

I’ve mentioned my good friend Lela in several posts. We’ve taken several classes together including cooking, macramé, welding, lead stained glass, and this last month we took a foil stained glass class. Here are some pictures of Lela making her butterfly.

I just made a little bird but I enjoyed making it. I found the foiling and soldering relaxing. Jordan had the pattern and glass all laid out which made it extremely easy, because sometimes cutting is the most part.

  • First we had to grind each piece of glass to give it a roughed up edge to make the copper stick
  • Next we made sure the shape of each piece of glass fit well together
  • Then we wrapped each piece of glass with the black backed copper foil
  • Once the glass was wrapped and fluxed, we pushed each piece together then tack soldered it
  • After the piece was all tacked, we soldered and tinned the front & back
  • Once it was all soldered and tinned, we added the hanging wire
  • Finally we washed it to get the flux off and we were done

I’ll tell you a little secret I don’t care for making the lead stained glass, it was difficult for me to get the cuts right on the came. However I really enjoyed the foil stained glass and want to add it to my glass repertoire. I think my stained glass bird is a cute little piece and I can wait to make some more. I even bought a book and a webinar to help me understand it better. I’m thinking about foiling a few of my small screen prints for ornaments/decorations. Let me know what you think.

I so enjoy taking with Lela. I think they turned out great.

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