St Patrick’s Day and Easter fused glass pendants

With both St Patrick’s day (March 17th) and Easter (April 5th) coming up  I wanted to write a blog about some of the fused glass pieces I have for both Holidays.

First last year for both St Patrick’s day and for Easter I wrote blog regarding the meaning of each holiday. If you’d like to know the background behind St Patrick’s day and / or Easter  please click on the holiday you’d like to know about and you’ll be able to read the blogs I wrote last year.

For St Patrick’s day I have several pendants including shamrocks. Shamrocks a three-leaved plant represents the Holy Trinity.

St Patrick’s Day Fused Glass Pendants







For Easter I have several adorable pendants with angels and bunnies. I also have various crosses as well.

Fused Glass Easter Pendants







I also can make St Patrick’s Day or Easter, night lights, bookmarks, key chains or pretty much anything else you would like. I have fused glass pendants for all holidays or I can make you custom handmade glass to meet your needs.

To see more of my fused glass artwork please checkout my website

If you would like to buy any of the fused glass pendants shown or if you would like a custom piece, please email me at

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