Spoons with Fused Glass Dots

One of my favorite things to make are glass stirrers. They are perfect for mixed drinks, coffee, tea, hot coco, pretty much any drinks that you want to use them for. However, I also make something else to use for drinks.

I make a lot of fused glass dots. Sometimes I make jewelry with them and other times I add them to spoons for jelly, jam and also coffee, tea, etc. Here are just a few of my dots.

Here are some larger spoons. (I’d say normal cereal spoons). The dots can be added to forks and knives.

I also have some tiny spoons that are perfect for smaller teacups, etc. Aren’t they pretty. That’s one of the great things about I love about glass, you can put glass on anything.

Here are the size differences between the spoons. aren’t they great. I love them. Let me know if you would like to purchase one.

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