Spa Bar with Fused Glass Embellishment

My Purple and Green (fused glass) Crystal Glass Spa Bar
My Purple and Green Crystal Glass Spa Bar
small nail
Small Crystal Glass Nail File
Medium Green Crystal Glass Nail File with multi- colored Fused Glass dichroic embellishment.
Medium Green Crystal Glass Nail File






The Crystal Glass Spa Bar is similar to the nail files I have on the site and  are European made and won’t wear down. The spa bars help keep your feet soft and smooth. They are easy to clean with warm water.  (size 5 1/4 x  1 1/4 inches).

The dichroic embellishment can be  custom made to meet your choice of color and type (dichroic etc). As I mentioned, this one is mine so I made it from green dichroic glass on a purple spa bar.

Please email me ( if you would like a custom spa bar (Green, red, blue, orange, purple, sea green or pink), the fused glass embellishment can be any of the pendants ($10 & under) on the site without a decal (I may need to trim the fused glass and refire to fit the spa bar which would ruin the decal). The spa bars are $30 with fused glass embellishment.

BTW I’ve used mine and it’s AMAZING, I love it!!

Let me know what you think.


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