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While I’m working in my glass studio I listen to books on tape or watch glass videos. Recently I finished a book by Greta Van Sustern “Everything you need to know about Social Media – without having to call a kid”.  It was an interesting book, she covered all of the current social  media formats.

In the book, Greta talks about the pros and cons of each social media. She also talked about things I never even realized, about how our data is used and by who; that was a bit disturbing.  She talked about how the systems are being abused and how they should be limited in regarding kids. Bottom-line is if you don’t know a lot about social media, you may want to check it out. She also talked about how the social media is used in business. Bottom-line I found it pretty interesting.

One of the things she mentioned is how websites and blogs are going out of vogue, so to speak.  That concepts bothers me quite a bit, because I love my fused glass newsletters and blogs. Not only do I enjoy writing my blogs and newsletters they help me connect to my customers and make new friends. I can’t tell you how great it makes me feel when people come to my shows or email me asking about one of my blogs, etc.

I’ll be honest, I use Facebook but mainly it’s to stay in touch with my family and my glass friends. I have an Instagram account, but I mainly use it to see pictures of my beautiful granddaughter.  I use to post on my Pinterest account and my YouTube; but not for a while.

So my question to you my fused glass newsletter people is…

Do you like my fused glass newsletters and blog? Is there another way you’d like me to talk about my glass? I like my newsletters and blogs because it does let me talk about my glass.

I look forward to your comments. You can respond to the newsletter or email me at

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