So is my fused glass Buddha Male or Female?

I’ve written blogs about my “Buddhas” a couple of times: March 2019 and Nov 2017. I love them but they do take a bit of work.

I made a few new ones for my 2019 season. I make 3 versions, the full version on the left, the partial in the middle, and one of just the face on the right. Personally I like them all. I’m curious which one is your favorite?

Anyway, during the Woodland Park show I was showing these fused glass pieces to the couple below and I referred to the piece as “her” and “Buddha” and actually I stand corrected. She told me it was not “Buddha” and it was a female.

I can’t remember the name she gave me so I googled it and found that there are several females in the Buddhist traditions. The two I found most common are Kwan Yin – Goddess of Compassion and Tara – Goddess of Liberation. Looking at the pictures below and my fused glass art pieces I think she is probably Kwan Yin. What do y’all think?

The two versions of Kwan Yin I had available during the Woodland show were a green (it looked almost antique) and an iridized one. Both have new homes, Thank you both for loving my fused glass artwork and giving my fused glass Kwan Yin pieces.

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