Slumping Fused Glass

This month when I was putting away some of my fused glass artwork from my art show, I realized some of my dishes had round bottoms. I like it dishes that are what I call kinetic (move), but some people don’t. So I took some of my favorite molds and re-slumped some of my bowls to flatten the bottom.

The first one turned out beautifully and now has a nice flat bottom and picked up some of the texture.

Here is another one but instead of a textured mold it’s a smooth cone shape. It slumped perfectly and now has a nice flat bottom.

I re-slumped several and all but one slumped perfectly. I’m so glad I re-slumped them.

Sometimes after slumping it’s still has a rounded bottom, which as I said doesn’t bother me. I could either re-slump it again or add a stand to it.

The stand can either be permanently attached or more of a display stand. Here are some examples of glass stands. My favorites are the top two because they are more subtle but the bottom two looks nice too.

A couple questions for y’all is do you like bowls that don’t have a flat bottom? Do you like stands that are attached or like the above?

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