Fused Glass Poker Guard – Parrot



Fused Glass Poker Guard – Parrot Decal fused on top. The decal won’t scratch off.

This is a beautiful piece of yellow and oranges including dichroic. The parrot is reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet.

Size is 2 1/4 x 1 1/2 inches

If you or someone you know plays poker this is a  gift. They are called Poker guards, card guards, Poker Card Protectors or Poker Card Guards. These are handmade Fused Glass Poker Card Guards. As most poker players know the they can be considered good luck or at least protect your hand from being mucked. Safeguard your poker hand with a unique fused glass poker guard and ensure your hand is not accidentally fouled, folded, or exposed. We have some for both Men and Women Poker Players and Of Course we can customize to meet your requirements.

Fused Glass Poker Guard
Fused Glass Poker Guard – Parrot


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