September’s Fused Glass Mold

So September’s mold of the month isn’t just one mold but a concept. Typically when slumping into a mold one cuts the glass to match the mold but that’s not always the case.

First with the green and red fused glass dish, you can tell the mold was much bigger than the glass, but it worked perfectly and created a great little dish perfect for Christmas and the holiday season.

IMG_4390 IMG_4421






The second fused glass dish you can see I added texture to the glass, then again put it in a mold that’s bigger. This dish is red and white and perfect not only for Christmas but for Valentines or any special occasion. BTW the texture that I used was round but yet I put a square piece of fused glass on it for texture. It does have iridized on it so I wouldn’t recommend using it for food, but it’s great as a center piece.


IMG_4389 IMG_4419






The third fused glass dish is the more normal use of a mold, again I added texture then slumped it into a mold that was almost the same size, it turned out beautiful. Actually this is art glass and it’s a beautiful cranberry red. This texture mold was a large square big enough where I could have put 2 rectangle fused glass pieces on it. Because the glass is a little transparent I could have just as easily put the texture on the bottom but I like the texture so much I wanted it to show. This would be great as a bread dish or as a center piece.


IMG_4391 IMG_4418






The next fused glass dish is actually larger than the mold, if you look closely it’s hanging over a tad. But just like the ones that were a little big for the mold this one worked out really nicely. This would be nice in the kitchen or in the bathroom as a vanity dish.


IMG_4392 IMG_4422






The last fused glass mold is a three section dish, however instead of slumping glass to make one 3 sectioned dish, I slumped 3 small dishes.







The key point in all of these are you don’t have to use molds the way they are intended.

I love fused glass it’s so much fun. I especially love my new kiln, I can actually fuse more than one piece at a time. It’s great!!


Keeping my kilns warm,


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