Sept Fused Glass Mold of the Month

All I can say about this fused glass “bowl” is it’s amazing!!

I say bowl but it’s really a piece of art. It’s 13 inches in diameter. It’s kind of like a watercolor. There are 5 koi all hand done and in various colors.

Fused Glass Koi
Fused Glass Koi












I love it so much I took several close ups of the piece. There are so many different colors but they are very subtle. I just love it!!

koi2 koi3 koi4






This piece is so unique and amazing I had to take a picture of the middle, even though there aren’t any koi in the middle.

Center of the fused glass dish










This mold is special because the koi are an indention in the mold so when I made the bowl the koi actually extend above the rest  of the dish. It’s like having an aquarium but with no worries about the fish dying!

koi mold1 koi mold2






After making the dish I slumped it into a great handmade mold made from my good friend and talented artist Paul.







I can’t wait for you to see this piece. If you are in Colorado come to Holly Berry folk art festival 16-18 Sept and see it in person!




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  1. Karen, It is absolutely stunning.

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