Seeing through a Fused Glass Artist’s Eyes

Elegant Fused Glass by Karen - Pinterest Boards - Things that give me inspiration
Elegant Fused Glass by Karen – Pinterest Boards – Things that give me inspiration

Recently I have started looking at things i.e., shirts, rugs, ties etc “differently”. I use to just see someone’s shirt or tie and think nice color. Well several months ago, I was talking to someone and his tie was  such a cool color and patterned that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I can’t even tell you who this man was or what we were talking about, but the tie was variated shades of purple and the shapes consisted of numerous triangles inside of triangles and were of different sizes.

Recently as  my daughter and I were driving down the road I looked to my left and the lady in the truck next to us had this amazing shirt on with blues, greens, reds, and purple. I was just in amazed by the brilliant combination of colors, so much so that I told my daughter Madisen, you have to look at this shirt isn’t so cool – I love it! She just rolled her eyes and said let me guess for your fused glass?  She knows me so well.

So as my daughter wonders about my sanity (I’ll tell you the plate story another time). Even I was beginning to wonder, especially when I noticed I look at everything differently.  The combinations of colors, the shapes, the textures, etc just amaze me. Needless to say I drive my husband and daughter nuts.   I think the comment about how the sky looked like fused glass was the straw that really made them think I was losing it.

Well I have news for you and my family I’m not losing my mind. Recently, I took two classes (Frit Painting & Precious Metal Clay – future blogs) and both of these classes were with world class artists.  Guess what, both said exactly the same thing; Anne Nye (Master Fused Glass Artist) talked about looking at clouds, trees, water, mountains, and nature in general differently. Looking at them to see how they aren’t perfect shapes and how the colors variate etc.  Dana Lea Peters (Master Art Clay Artist) talked about textures and how everything can give texture whether it’s a button or spaghetti. The textures she created were fabulous!

Then today I read an article in Jewelry Making Daily by Lexi Erickson (Metalsmith artist). BTW I’m taking a Metalsmithing class from her this weekend and I can’t wait!

In the article Lexi wrote “Artists become artists by seeing things differently. It’s not enough to look everywhere. You must learn to see. Take the time to really see what you look at, for inspiration is everywhere.” 

WOW Lexi’s article and working with Dana and Anne made me realize I’m not crazy. I’m a Fused Glass artist who sees things in a unique way. I see everything through an artist’s eyes! Looking at textures and colors and shapes gives me and my fused glass art inspiration.

I knew I looked at the world differently, which is why I started my Pinterest page with things that inspire me, but working with these women (Anne, Dana and Lexi’s article) made me want to write this blog today and hopefully let you inside my thoughts just a little.

I hope I never stop learning to really see!

Needless to say I am the luckiest Fused Glass artist in the world to get instruction by these three spectacular women and artists. Don’t worry I’m writing a separate blog on each of these classes and of course my classes with Tanya Veit, David Alcala, and Coral.

Check out my Pinterest to see some of the other things that really inspire me!  Remember what Lexi said “learn to see”!


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