Second Dichroic Jewelry Class at Festivitea

I taught a second dichroic jewelry class at Festivitea this month. Here are some of the sample pendants and earrings I had available, aren’t they so gorgeous. I explained the difference between full fused (left) and tack fused (right).

I provided colored, clear, black, etc. backgrounds & dichroic glass. I had a myriad of dots, glass chips, murrine, and vitrigraph. The students in the class had the choice of 2 pendants, a pendant & a ring or a pendant & earrings.

Here is how the class was set up. I only had 3 students (there were 4, 1 didn’t make it), normally outside my home studio 4 students are my minimum but, I didn’t want to let the students down.

Heather made a pair of earrings, the biggest ones I’ve ever made and they are stunning. To keep the pretty blue I drilled holes in the earrings verse adding bails. The pendant is large as well and amazing glass.

Here is Gretchen’s striking fused glass pendant and earring set. If you look closely the pendant is actually iridized and dichroic. Iridized is more soft than dichroic, but still beautiful.

Here is Lynne and her lovely fused glass earring and pendant set. Just like Gretchen, Lynne used iridized glass and it’s understated and elegant.

Here are a few group class pictures as well as the class pieces prior to fusing and after fusing, but prior to adding the findings.

As always each student got to chose a free fused glass pendant. All the ladies chose perfect pendants.

I’ve written about Margo’s shop “Festivitea” a myriad of times. I also have some of my fused glass there (tea dishes & stirrers), in fact I bought some new ones. Margo is a fellow Air Force veteran and supports local artists. It’s a beautiful shop and of course the tea is delicious.

If you’d like to take a class please email me

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