Screen Melt – fused glass centerpiece

Last month I wrote a blog about a fused glass bowl I made out of the remains of once was a beautiful fused glass Aspen sconce.

As I mentioned in that blog that the Aspen was so large (with a little extra glass), I was able to make two bowls.

The second fused glass bowl I made what’s called a screen melt. I’m actually going to write a Did You Know for this month’s newsletter going a little more detail.

So after I took a hammer to the the rest of the Aspen, I put the smaller pieces of glass in a clay pot with holes in it. I fire it in the kiln over a stainless steel formers at a very high temperature.

the pieces in the kiln













When it came out of the kiln I did some coldworking on it, including sandblasting.

screenmelt 6
I sandblasted the back







I didn’t like all the extra clear on the outside edge, so I cut it off.

the front before coldworking
the front after coldworking







After coldworking, I slumped it into a ceramic mold. I will admit, it was difficult choosing between the top and bottom bit since I sandblasted the bottom I thought I’d fire it up and Wow I think I made the right decision.

Fused Glass Screenmelt front
back fused glass screenmelt bowl









So now they get two chose between the two bowls. Which would you chose?

two fused glass bowls made from a broken sconce











As you can see there is no reason to throw out the pieces of a beautiful fused glass piece that you break.

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