Sangre De Cristo Arts Center

I love all types of glass and I love seeing other glass artists work. I’ve been to Corning Museum of Glass, Murano Italy, Prague Czech Republic, London, just to name a few. This month I learned that the Sangre De Cristo Arts Center was having a showing of Dale Chihuly, James Mongrain, and Lino Tagliapietra glass from the George R. Stroemple Collection called “Inspiration”.

The main Glass artists in this Vintage Venetian Glass collection includes: Dale Chihuly (not only a glass blower but a painter as well), James Mongrain (reinterpretor of Traditional Venetian glass vessels), and Lino Tagliapietra (goblet glassblower). I only took one picture (bottom picture) before being told not to take pictures. So I got these pictures from the George R. Stroemple website.

There was also Glass Art from around the region. This was actually a very small collection. As a glass artist I think they could have had a lot more amazing glass artists on display. This first collection is fused glass, it looks like float glass to me – very beautiful display.

The Art Center also had other small glass displays, I love that they are local artists including Dylan Kelley – I love the pipes and the amazing insects, they look like flamework but they could be blown as well. He’s here in Colorado Springs. I think I may have to look up his shop, really beautiful glass.

Jannine Scott was also on display. What a beautiful lampworker! She has a place in Manitou Springs. I love her little hearts

I love this piece as well, so colorful!!

Other than glass I really love the Difficult History! It was different than I’ve ever seen before. Loved it!

There were also a couple other collections that I visited as well.

Overall I enjoyed the center, I thought they could be a bit friendlier and I really didn’t like that I couldn’t take pictures of glass. It’s kind of silly in my opinion, I was able to take pictures of everything else just not this one collection. I was able to take pictures in all the other places I’ve visited all over the world including Murano, London, and Corning!!

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