Rocky Mountain Arsenal – Denver CO

For those who follow my post you know I live in Colorado and you know I love Colorado and I enjoy seeing parts of Colorado. Well this post is about a side trip we made this month since we were in Denver for the Meet The Artist at Tulip Gifts and Cards. Last year we visited the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Denver, this month we went to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. It’s free and it’s right outside of Denver. It was so beautiful and I took over 300 pictures but I won’t torture you with all those pictures albeit I did want to share some of the pictures with you. I must admit the pictures don’t come close to how beautiful it was and it was so relaxing.

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal is well done, it has a driving tour, hiking trails, some lakes/ponds, and it’s all beautiful! Here are some of the pictures from our trip. There’s even a bit of fall colors. I LOVE THE BISON. It’s wonderful seeing these magnificent creatures. I especially like the area where they are roaming free. They were a bit far away and I don’t have a good camera but I loved seeing them all the same.

We also got to see some prairie dogs, yes I realize they are pests to most people but I love all animals so I enjoyed watching them.

There was also several places we could get out and walk around, my favorite were the lakes. Such a beautiful October day in Colorado! I love watching the trees turn.

I also loved how you could see the front range and of course the Denver skyline. Isn’t it great to have such a beautiful piece of nature so close to the city. Have I mentioned how much I love Colorado!

I hope y’all don’t mind me posting our excursions, we don’t go to Denver very often so this was really nice for us. We also got to visit my husband’s cousin, we had such a great time we didn’t take any pictures. Family, nature, and of course glass what a great weekend.

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