Repair Fused Glass Jewelry

When creating glass jewelry most of the time it’s made by gluing a fused glass cabochon to a base. Sometime after a lot of wear the glue can fail and the glass will come off. One of my long time customers brought in a couple of her fused glass pieces and asked me to fix them.

On the three pieces below the glass came off the findings. If this happens to you bring them back to the artist and they can fix them easily. I did all of these for my customer at no charge. Remember, please don’t try to glue the glass back on, it’s much more difficult to fix if you do. For these, I used a dremel to rough up the back of the glass then I glued new bails on the pendants. The bracelet only lost one piece of glass so it was an easy fix. Normally I let the piece cure for at least 48 hrs.

Another glass piece she brought in was a bracelet. Sometimes a jump ring can come apart so I just put new jump rings on it and it’s as good as new. Remember twist a jump ring don’t pull it apart, otherwise they are impossible to reclose.

Remember these things happen with jewelry, it’s no big deal just bring it to your artist and they should fix it for you. Also remember if you lose an earring, just make the remaining earring into a pendant by changing the ear wire into a pendant. Let me know if you have any questions.

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