Red Rock Concert – Josh Groban

This month my husband and I went to a Josh Groban concert at Red Rocks. Josh Groban has the most amazing voice, and his songs are so uplifting. My husband and I have loved Josh since 2002. The first time we heard him was in Japan, we went to Tama Hills – played cards, drank wine, and listen to Josh Groban. This past Christmas we were in Westcliffe – we played cards, drank wine, and listen to Josh Groban, such great memories. Hearing him in person was just absolutely fabulous! His opener Eleri Ward had such a beautiful voice too. He also had the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. It was a spectacular night. It’s funny it was a bit rainy, but it cleared up when Josh got on stage and the fog was so pretty with the lights.

Since it was rainy the night of the concert we went back and took some pictures of the park. It’s funny I love in Colorado Springs, and I’ve been to Garden of the Gods many times, but I still enjoyed driving around and looking at the beautiful red rocks. We also went to the museum, I loved seeing how many artists played at Red Rocks including the Beatles in 1964 and of course John Denver to just name two. BTW the 2 pictures below of the piano are of a glass piano. I just can’t help myself; I love glass.

Every time we go someplace in Colorado, I come away with knowing how lucky I am to live in Colorado. What a wonderful night and morning!! I am truly blessed!

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  1. What a great concert experience! Thanks for sharing the photos.

    • It was so great, I wish my phone took better pictures because they don’t come close to showing Josh or the fog rolling in!


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