Rampart Craft Show

Wow 3rd show in three weeks and Rampart was one of the best. I love showing off my fused glass. I sold several special pieces to special people who know amazing fused glass artwork when they see it.

It’s funny even though I make a myriad of fused glass artwork, each piece is special to me and most have a story.  One fused glass mantel sconce was sold during the Rampart craft show was extremely special and I told it’s story to a wonderful women who then described it to her son. When her son came to buy it, I made him listen to the story as well. I could tell he was like, just let me buy it but when a piece means so much to me I want the new owner to understand the meaning as well. It was like letting a little piece of my heart go – I was both happy and sad!

What made it even more funny was two of my favorite ladies were there, and they just laughed and told him just to listen so I’d shut up. They know me so well, such great ladies.

So who was the winner of Rampart’s fused glass drawing?

Congratulations to Michelle S!  She won the $25 fused glass drawing. Michelle gets to chose $25 of free fused glass. Bottom line is it’s her choice. Hopefully I’ll hear from her within 7 days or I’ll have to chose another winner.

If you would like to come to my next show and receive your 15% discount (if you receive my newsletter) here is a quick list:

– Doherty HS on 5-6 Dec (Colorado Springs)

Again, my sincere gratitude for your support. In fact for those who come by any of the shows above will not only get their 15% discount, I’ll also give you another present.

BTW Rose (the winner from Liberty) hasn’t responded, if I don’t hear from her by Friday I’ll choose another winner from Liberty!

If you’d like to check out my newsletter go to my site www.elegantglassbykaren.com

Busy week coming up, I have 2 custom orders in the kiln and I’m preparing some pretty cool things to go in the kiln tomorrow!!

wait until you see these finished!
I love crackle and these aren’t done yet




Keeping my Kiln warm,

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