Private Fused Glass Ornament & Tree Class

I really love giving fused glass classes. Two people who have taken classes with me before asked me if their daughter could take a class with them. I’ve been a bit concerned about giving a class to children under 18 (glass cuts), but since Jeremy and Julie have taken two classes prior to this class and it was just the 3 of them I was open to it. I’m so glad I did. First Anna is a sweetheart and did a wonderful job. Second because Jeremy and Julie are so creative that it was fun for me to watch them with their daughter. At first Anna was a little reserved, however by the time she finished her fused glass tree she was on it! She also made a snow globe and a gingerbread house. She’s creative and did a fabulous job.

Julie made two ornaments as gifts, and they turned out beautifully. The first one she made was a tree and then a snowman. Then she asked if she could make a standing fused glass Christmas tree. She put lovely glass on the back and then decorated the front. She is such a talented lady and I loved watching her with her daughter.

Jeremy is so creative he made two penguins and a nutcracker (sorry about the fingerprint – it’s not permanent). He always makes something different, and I just love that. Plus watching him with Anna was something special, it reminded me of my husband with my daughter. Fathers are so important to little girls.

Here are some more fun pictures of Anna, Julie, and Jeremy making their pieces. It was such a pleasure watching them. Clearly Jeremy and Julie are wonderful parents.

Of course, so I could have a full kiln I made a few ornaments too. I was inspired by Jeremy’s nutcracker and reindeer from the last time and of course Anna’s gingerbread house. I liked my reindeer so much the bottom one is actually a jewelry snap piece – I just love them.

Here are some pictures of the class setup. Each person has their own station with their tools. .

I always give a gift to those who take my classes, since Anna was there I gave the option of Christmas pendants and Christmas stirrers.

Thank you again for taking the class with me. I hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did.

Anna, Jeremy, and Julie

Please let me know ( if you have any questions.

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